My First Jeep. (from tutorial : ))

still learning blender. great 3d software!
just followed the tutorial from wiki. change some of the shapes… :smiley:


Good start now work on the textures.
Welcome on BA.

thanks. :smiley:

oooh cool
a jeep!

here’s another one… i’ve just finished it yesterday. thanks to the posts here. it’s really helpful. this one’s suppose to look like a hair brush :smiley:
i was trying to get a transparent color. there’s also a label at the back but i’m still working on it right now…


More practice, more practice boy! And textures…

thanks. i will practice more :smiley:
this is the texture and color of my model. i was practicing on simple objects here in our house.

i’ve been practicing on modeling. if i have more time i’ll practice on more objects then proceed with texture and lighting materials. :smiley:

… am i improving??? : )


Cool, The last one looks pretty good.

thanks. i still have to attach a string at its back. like a handle.

i was looking for a tutorial on Yaf(a)ray and installed it on my pc. but i don’t see the added item on my render menu… :frowning:

this one is rendered using yafray.