My first kitchen :DD

Ok people, so this is the kitchen I was working on (again no postprocess, I always manage to mess something up), let me know what you think.

You can find some assets from this kitchen here-


Very nice work. I like the lighting and composition. Feels very quaint.

I have one minor nitpick; the cabinets to the left of the oven would never have their pulls in those locations. If it’s a two-door cabinet both pulls would meet in the middle (a LH door next to a RH door).

Alternatively if they are single cabinets both pulls would be on the RH side of their doors (both doors would be LH doors). With this second option, the logic is that if you’re standing at the oven you would have easy access to the cabinets on either side.

Thank you sir, that’s really something I didn’t thought about!! Very usefull advice really

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this is amazing
cycles ?

yes, cycles :slight_smile:

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Here is edit :DDD


Terry cool… for first attempt!

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