My first landscape!!!

yay! my first landscape is done with water!!! render:

sorry no sky :frowning:

Not too bad. I know this is a finished project but here are a couple pointers for next time. I think that the water is a little too harsh. The white in the water makes it look kinda like clouds lol. And the spec on the land makes it look a little plastic. It is still good for your first try, you should continue making them, you could create a lot of great things with time!!

It’s nice for first one.

However, you shouldn’t add water ripples with white texture; Instead make the plane to have bumbs according the ripple texture with “Nor” button.

The water also ends quite fast. Make the plane bigger.

EDIT: Damn, Dudebot was 2 mins faster… :I

:smiley: Beat ya :slight_smile: But yea I didn’t mention the nor button. And right now the water looks a little too big. It makes your island seem really really small. If you increase the size of your texture so that the ripples look really small, it might help the appearance of it.

yh lol about the water, its cause theres A HUGE SUN LIGHT! lol n on my mac after i add one light i cant edit objects again so i cant do much lighting :frowning:

heres the reder without the biggggg light!:

now it looks to dark, you should try tinting the sun yellow