My First Lightbulb

This is my first job at modelling a lightbulb. I used the tutorial at Blender Cookie for the modelling, and I’m pretty sure I did the rendering with YaFray. Unfortunately my .blend file didn’t save right so I’ll have to do it again, any comments would be appreciated.


Hey nice! Not sure if you looked at this but here are some tutorials on lightbulds.Model a Light bulb part 1 on Vimeo

It looks like you modelled the glass part as a solid object. The renderer will read that as a solid block of glass, so you need to give it an internal surface to get proper refraction. The Solidify Selection script works for this.
Add a background image to provide reflections and use more caustic photons or a higher mix value to blur them more.

Thanks for the tip Organic. I’ll definitely have to give that a go next time around. I am hoping to incorporate it into a desk scene that I’ve been imagining. We’ll see how that goes.

The bottom looks quite realistic, I think I’ll take a look at Yafray, is it hard to use?

Levisarts, isn’t that jonathan’s tutorial for Blender Cookie?

YaFray isn’t too difficult to figure out. The hardest part for me was passing the textures from Blender to Yafray. The Yafray website has great documentation and tutorials. It may take awhile to get what you want, but after you do you’ll be amazed.