My First Lightsabre Try

Hey folks, I’ve discovered Blender a couple of weeks back and it interested me to start to draw three dimentional images, yeah that’s right 3D :p, just kidding. I’ve tried many things before actualy starting to draw cool and nice images. I decided to draw a lightsabre because I was experimenting to create a laser beam which didn’t go well at first but thanks to a thread on this forum I managed to fix it and made it look real. :smiley: However here come the images!

The ‘wire’ frame. Like you will notice you’ll only see black mass instead of wires but this is because it has got high details (maybe to high but that’s up to you to tell me what’s wrong ;))

Here you see the solid version. Can’t say much about.

And here finaly you’ll see the rendered image. In my eyes it is pretty nice and realistic but I’m sure most of you guys or girls will know some better ways to make this then I did so any advise is welcome.


  • Beam Blade: The beam blade is made of 2 thin lines (made from a plane mesh) which are subdivided several times. The materials are done with the Halo effect.

  • The Handle: The handle is made on sight (no blueprints at all since I screwed that part up for several times) and I’m a drawer in real life (for hobby) and thus I’m used to draw on sight. However the handle is made of several cilinders (7 to be exact) and 4 cubes (the button on the side (if it is a button)). The black rubber is also made of a cube. The materials used here is a mix of a used tutorial and my own experiments since the tutorial gave me a dented look which I didn’t like that much. I personally think that this combination looks more realistic. (the tutorial was on the blender site itself I gues. It was a .blend file that was downloadable there.)

PS. Sorry if my English isn’t that good or if it even sucks but my main language is Dutch. :slight_smile: Hope to hear something soon. If some of you would like to have the formula for the metal look I will be pleased and will post it then. Ciao!

not a bad try, actual looks very good

no real crits as it was done from a tutorial

Well thanks :smiley: but only the beam blade is made with the help of a tutorial. The rest is made by myself ^^.

Lookin’ good. Would look great on a dark background.

Here is it on a dark background :slight_smile:

not bad at all

Decided to try again and also chose for the Lightsabre of Mace Windu. Please post your comments.

Very cool!:slight_smile: You may want to make the colored halo on your blades a bit bigger. IMHO your first hilt is way too long though.

Thanks for the positive comments :smiley: I will try that LotR J

Here it is with bigger halo :smiley:

Pretty good.

Waiting for the Jedis : p

hehe, well I’m actually bad when it comes to organic shaped things/stuff. Like humans, animals, plants, … but I’m pretty good when it comes to weapons, machines, things and all those liveless stuff but I surely will give it a try sooner or later.

Nice look… This is one I once made, and I’m still progressing in sabres:
And another one by using the compositor:

Very nice :smiley: I like the first one