My first lip syncing, any tips?


Turned out much better then I thought it would :slight_smile:
-added head tracking
-added “facial expressions” (few shape keys)

Still… any comments? Something you don’t like?

Little behind the scenes:

And this is what it should look like after the compositing:


Hello! Very good piece of animation. My humble tips. 1. keep teeth separate object, or at least keep out of deform. 2. use retopology technique to create shape key forms. In this way you escape having stratches of texture and keep full control on shapes

Thanks, teeth are not a problem anymore…
And I don’t really know what shape key forms are but it sounds complex as hell… I’ll check some tutorials though…

Updated, see above… any suggestions?

Well I would say that its perfect. Could you tell me in few words how you done it?

the mouth movement is very convincing. nice job.

The bit around 11 seconds “it gave me un-” could use some work. It seems to pick back up well in the middle of the word “uncONscious”.

Other than that, it looks pretty good. Nice work.

Updated for the last time… any final suggestions?