My first living character animation test

Yeah, this is my first one. What do you think?

Its nothing special I think, but I am happy that i made it, because i am not anymore so scared about rigging and animating rigged characters. :smiley:

Right on, cool look, with compositing and camera work

Thank you about your feedback. :slight_smile: I am trying to learn some different ways to show thinks, because internet is full of same kind of videos.

I think it’s great, and I love the character design and compositing.
I’m really scared of character animation too, but the more I do it the more I really enjoy it. So keep it up and do it as much as possible and soon you’ll be a great character animator.

I think it’s a great principle to make even the tests look stylish and interesting rather than just render from the viewport or something like that. Like you said, there’s hundreds of those in youtube.