My first luxrender image.

hi, this is my first go at lux.
a little post in blender. word about it here

Photo-real. I’m especially impressed by that cloth.

thank you for your comment
the cloth was supposed to fill the scene only, but somehow everyone keeps noticing it :smiley:

Photo real. yes… But the content is rather boring…

Pretty good, the texturing of the milk carton needs some work. The logo alignment is off.

@FreeMind, you are right, exactly what i said here :wink: this scene is just a test

@Atom, here’s reference


Atom is saying you that the “Máslanka” logo is touching the border of the box; that don’t happen in the reference you are showing us.

Nice test.

well, maybe it is a pixel or two off when i look at it now, but it doesn’t touch the edge, shading at the corner steals some space so it looks like it goes too far on this render, i guess

No, is more than a pixel. You can clearly see that the “a” is finishing in the shadow area (which marks the beggining of the side of the box), and that doesn’t happen in the reference

That’s great. Extremely photorealistic

object isnt square based, it’s more beveled square with convex sides and subdivided, so the shadow is progressing smoothly around object without clear edges

Of course that it isn’t a perfect square based shape. But conceptually is. So there’s a virtual (or conceptual) edge in that place. But that’s not the pont. The point is that the logo isn’t well aligned, or at least looks like there’s a problem with the alignement. You can take the crit or not, but if there are quite a few people have marked that detail, you should check it.

but i already agreed on that :wink: it’s just a low poly model for realtime engine, here subdivided for the rendering, so i wouldn’t exclude mapping irregularities and when i look closely i can see it isn’t 100% correct
what i’m saying is shape and lighting amplify the effect and you refuse that information, not sure why :wink:
and no, it was never supposed to be square, it was modelled with convex sides and round corners, just like carton would form when folded, shading should be gradient on the corners and smooth on the sides wide, imo. hence the shading with such lighting there

yes, this is beautiful. i love this render. well done!

Nice render, I especially like the cloth’s pattern.


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