My first macro photography

Or HD:

Accepts reviews and tips, I do not speak English, so use simple words that I can convert to google :wink:


Small change 24/06/2017

Small change

Looks great, but up close, the leaves definetely need more displacement! The ant could get some more details with normal maps maybe,a nd more fur in general, I’d suggest you google cg insect or similar for inspiration.

There is a crazy number of ant varieties, my reference had really no hair, as far as antennae, some have four, some just two, a small example attached:

For displacement, I do not mean too much to do, I guess I would have to make a mesh bake, and same thing for the normal map.

Is that correct?

Thank you for your contribution and advice

Thank you for your contribution and advice

Was this artwork an administrator pick for Gallery?

This piece doesn’t belong here, it’s more of a WIP.

Well, I’m not an expert but in my opinion the leaf is great.

A little progress, taking into account the advice of Yukon:

Addition of hair on the ant trying to respect the different models on which I worked (moderately satisfied with the result),
Added displacement on the leaves (this remains very unnoticeable), addition of normal map on the ant).

Good criticism.


PS:Mookied Photox I do not understand your return, there is a worry.?, I am not in the right section, my work does not deserve to be there?

It’s nothing personal, but I just believe that you posted your image in the wrong section of the forum. This gallery is for the best renders ever posted on Blender Artist and is for artworks picked by administrators. If your work was moved here from Finished Works than it’s fine with me, otherwise it belongs to other sections of BA.

This must have been a mistake since a normal user can not start a thread here. And I think I have seen this before in the WIP section. perhaps moved by mistake by an admin or so.