My first major animation project

This was my first “major” animation project, conceptualized when my best friend and I sat down to answer the question, “What would’ve made the 2021 Black Widow movie better, or at least more visually entertaining?” We settled on the idea that since Black Widow is an assassin, that aspect of the character should’ve been played up more in the action sequences.

My friend and I also realized that one of the stunt doubles for Scarlett Johansson is Chad Stahelski’s wife (Chad Stahelski being the director of the John Wick movies.) So, taking the assassin idea further, wouldn’t it be cool to see Black Widow going full John Wick Mode on the antagonist’s henchmen? At the very least it wouldn’ve been an interesting and noteworthy departure from the usual fantasy superhero fighting you’d expect to see going into the movie.

I wish I could say my animation skills were on par with the scope and ambition of the project, but again, this was my first major animation. :joy::joy:

If you have comments, suggestions, or tips on how I can improve as an animator, please comment them below. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. Forgot to mention the music I used/featured in the animation is “Really Pissed Off” from the end of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

Also, big thank-you to @JamesRay for his suggestions on lighting, editing, camera work, and character development/animation/presentation. This whole project has benefited greatly from his input.


i like it very much, the first thing which i missed was the movement of here hair :wink: it’s a bit static though…

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Thanks, man. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I didn’t bother animating her hair because once upon a time, I attempted to hand-animate a different character’s hair…and 9 hours later I only had 60 frames of something decent-ish. :joy::joy:

That being said, if you know any good tutorials for creating realistic hair movement, or have any tips for speeding up hand-animating hair, I’d love to know. :grin::grin:

i know, hair animation is decreasing performance as hell…i would try to simplify it a bit, maybe with some modifiers like simple deform or geometry nodes.

The overall graphic style is excellent, if i could get something to that level, i would be impressed.

The overall animation is good, but some parts seem sped up or skipped frames, and some spots had jerky camera motions, even though i get what you were going for, like when you aim the camera at the person dropping.

Good work.

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Thanks for the feedback, man. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re interested, I have a short animation called Wonder Woman vs. Secret Boss that’s also on BlenderArtists. Camera work is a lot less janky, as are the animations (generally speaking. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)

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Amazing work. I think you should be proud!

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Nice! So glad that you posted this here!
It’s a really big step to put things in front of the internet and what they think but it will lead to exponential growth. Trust me.This site was where it all started for me and owe this community for
my career today.
Great work man! Keen to see more!

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