My First Male Head (UPDATE - Hair)

Hello there, first scene posted here, so take it easy :slight_smile: .

I’ve been in 3D with Wings 3D for 4 months and then went to Blender, I have about 2 months of Blender now.

Started really “Blending” at the Blender Conference 2004.
I want to thank @ndy and Slikdigit, they really gave me good tips and tricks. Once this model is finished it will be dedicated to them.

All others models before the conference don’t really count, they were done with Blender and Wings 3D, mostly Wings 3D.

So, this is my third experience, my third WIP, using just Blender.
Here it is what I have done so far.

It looks interesting. Do you know about the option to remove doubles? Select all verticles, hit W>Remove Doubles. THe materials could use some work though, I;d suggest to try out ramp shaders. I am afraid I wont be able to give you a link to any tutorial about that, but I am going to write a short one myself, if you want you can contact me and I’ll be glad to help you.

This is coming along well so far, keep it up.


It is still in mirror mode, no doubles, so far.

I’m using a slight ramp on the face, but the color is too dim, maybe I try out another one.

Thanks, maybe this weekend.


can we see the wire to match the edges loops…

Here you go:


All C&C would be great.

you guys probably all know this already, but just in case:

I’ve found that you can achieve a smooth join between mirrored halves without joining.

  1. select all of the vertices that lay on the mirroring axis (ie. all of the points you’d do remove double on when joining)
  2. delete faces

this won’t delete any visible faces, only ones that are inside the head (on the join)

this also makes subdivision surfaces work correctly on mirrored objects (so your lips won’t have that weird indentation, and the seam will be gone from the rest of the head.

hope that was useful (and not patronising)

I went to edit mode, selected the vertices surrounding the mirroring area and then I did a delete faces, it stayed the same.

Is this to be used while still in mirror mode, or just when finished and to join both sides ?

Anyway, thanks for the tip. Now I just want to figure out how to really make it work :slight_smile: .

Just one question,
Why did you switched from Wings3D to Blender? Wings is far superior in modelling than Blender. Only one thing IMO in Blender that beats Wings3D hands down, is the optimised sub surf mode.

I think you’re are doing a great job with the head. It has character. You should check this out:

Exactly for that.
I still use Wings for non Organic Modeling.


I will post again when I manage to get the Ears done, its really hard to get it right.



These are very nice.

Thanks for the help, :slight_smile: .

The ears are still being done and redone, so I took them of.

I did this Hair Test, with static particles, but it is really hard to get some decent hair with it.

The Render in Blender using one of the latest CVS versions outputs this strange render, you can see it on the face texture. I will see what may be the problem.

Here is the Pic:

Well. I managed to figure out what was the problem when rendering, it had to do with some Ray-Tracing options.

So here is an update, can you comment on the hair, I have tried doing the ears but just got really wrong so I switched to the hair, for now, will try again later.

Also, I changed the Ramp color to be darker, as well as the texture it self, so what do you guys think ?

Check out @ner’s tips for great particle hair here:

Thanks, you guys know all the good links :slight_smile: .