my first mesh and rig ever!!

hi, i made this stuffed snail to enter the challenge held at
i made the mesh, though not sure if it is suitable for animation. I also made a rig, skinned it (seems like i didn’t do a great job)
anyway, below are a few screenshots and a .blend file(used a primitive mesh for better clarity):
the .blend file is available thru

thanx for the feedback and advice in advance


It looks like a big nosed teddy bear with a backpack. Not that that’s a bad thing. It looks pretty good. It just doesn’t look like a snail. It’s probably the hands and feet, and the standing up posture.

thanx Orinoco for the feedback.
for the look, i’ll just post the reference pics
but i do think that there is something weird about the legs and arms. will work on that.
I would love to have some feedback on the rig, and if the topology is suitable of animation


In order to critique the topology we need to see orthos with wires.

ok, here is a shot of it!

i think i shouldn’t have applied the subsurf modifier, but want to hear your thoughts first, to see if i should append the rig to an earlier mesh without the subsurf applied.