My First Model (A person) - Based on Noob to Pro Wiki

This is my first ever Blender model. I know it’s not much, but I’m proud of it. I’m consider putting him in a scene, but I’m not sure what yet. It’s going to be a surprise for everyone as to where it goes in the end.

It gave me a chance to mess around with lighting for the first time as well. Again, it’s nothing great but it’s my first and I’m damn proud of it.

Well, it’s better than I could do when I was a newbie :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s pretty cool. Could you show a wireframe pic of it?

Welcome to Elysiun. It is pretty good for a noob. Maybe make a scene with him.

good start.
Ive literally just made a video tutorial showing how to create a body using box modeling. (not sure if it would be of help or not - also need to upload it somewhere)…Ill let you know when its uploaded somewhere anyway.

Thanks to everyone for your kindness.

4Daniel - I’d be more than happy to post a wirefram pic of it. I’ll do that sometime today.

Robin - I’m definitely considering making a scene with him, now I just have to decide what kind of scene. :slight_smile:

As per request, I’m posting wireframes. Three to be exact. One of the man with cap on, one of the cap istself, and one of man and cap with cap off. Not particularly in that order however.

And in the end I decided to post a fourth. This one is makes it more than obvious that I box modeled him. :slight_smile:

There you go.