My first model 'Cloth head'

So this is my creation ‘Cloth head’. It’s the first 3D model I’ve EVER made. I’m quite proud of it, but i’d like to know what the experts think. How is it for a first model? and do you have any tips?

I did this my own way, just by moving vertices in groups or 1 at a time. I have no doubt that there are much easier ways to create models, but I’m still learning. So anyway, try not to be too critical, but thanks in advance for any feedback :slight_smile:


That is one scary biped… I wouldn’t want to meet this guy in a dark alley at night. … or in the day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not bad for a first ever model. Mind you, we don’t see the topology - the vertices, edges or faces - so it’s a bit difficult to comment on that aspect.

Moving vertices around is a very common way to model. Take some time to get used to the program, read up a bit on what’s available and try the different things out. Soon you will have found a method that suits you.

Keep it up!

Hey thanks for the advice! Will do :smiley:

I think this is great for your first model, a few pointers i good give you is :
-Some part of the model looks flat, like the hands and stomach.
-You Could try adding a Subsurface, would help alot.


hey Wentzel, thanks for the reply. But what do you mean by subsurface? I have the subdivide surface modifier on, and I pressed smooth on the left panel + subdivide surface.

I guess what Wentzel meant was that some limbs look too much like a square and less like a cylinder. Now mind, that might be exactly what you intended, but it is unused to the human eye. Organic - or better put living - beings (we do not want to exclude any silicon based - or even stranger - life form) tend to be shaped in rounded formed (tubes, spheres).
Check out what happens to a cube when you add a subsurface modifier and push the level up. At one point it will look like a sphere. However if you have additional edge loops added it will be more like rounded edges. I think that is what is the case with your model. However without a Wireframe rendering or a screenshot of your mesh this is pure speculation.