My first model


Im a new blender user and afther a few tutorials i made my first model. It inst as beatiful as the other models i see on this forum but im pretty happy with it :smiley:

what do you think?

looks nice. You should only make the chair material shinier. Now its just one colour

also you should make the chair back textured, or somthing, because its hard to look at it for longer than 45 seconds. nice modeling though!

the chair color was kinda diffucult, i guess it shouldnt shine like plastic and black didnt look nice at all… dark bleu might me a option… well its my first model i cant wait to make something else :wink: i`ll leave it like this :smiley:

Hey, not bad for a first post. Couple of things. As mentioned, work on the textures a bit. Close off the ends of the chair. What is the OSA level? Work on those hard vector lines on the edge of the chair.

Good work! Keep it up!

about those “hard vector lines”, how do i get rid of them?

Does it have faces on the sides, cuz to me it looks hollow.

Much better than my first model. Mine was a horrific cone shaped chicken head with asymmetrical eyes.