My first model
I have had blender for about a week[/img]

Pointer Please

Cool. I’d say that object is ready to go for cartoon animation.

Nice work for a first model. To improve you should activate ‘OSA’ in the render buttons and set it to at least 8. This will help smooth the jagged edges out. Also you should activate ‘Set smooth’ in the Edit buttons to make the faces of the sword blend better. (If there are any artifacts on the object after pressing set smooth, it is probably the the normals are not facing the proper direction. To fix this press Ctrl-N in edit mode).
Hope this helps.

You shouldn’t post your first model here, cause what we can say? You’ve used blender for a week (just a week ;)) so don’t expect ahhhh and ohhhh. Do yourself, and continue learning this awesome program.

at all this is better first work than most people post here :wink: but it don’t mean anything, and it isn’t reason to satisfaction


Definitly setsmooth it, but its nothing spectacular.

(its better than my first blend)

d_m 8)

Thanks to all

Nice, good job.
Welcome to Elysiun.

TheGameBoy has some good points. Do that and it should come out all good and fancy lookin.
I’d say keep on working on this. Create an environment for it.
Put it on a wall or on a stand or sumthin.

Isn’t that the sword from the manual. If you have done this after learning nder after only one week, the interface is easier than most people think. It’s a good start. Now experiment a lot with the tools. Look around in the forums for tutorials (there are enough head tutorials lurking around to fill a book).

Keep on blending. :wink:

toontje no just the handle is because i stuggled with it