My First Model.

Hello you guys,
I am a new blender user and i have just modelled a marching snaredrum. For a firsttimer i think it looks great, but you guys probalby have some tips for me how to improve the drum. The man in the backgroud is a ‘gus the gingerbreadman’ from the blender 2.3 guide. I want to improve him also. My goal is to make an animation of a playing machingband with drums only (but i am affraid that is out of my leage, but trying doesn’t hurt anyone exept my ego maby).


Oke, It a whole squadron right now. I have made the uniform a bit less shiny and i added a bassdrum and drummajor woth his stick. As you probably can see, my armature is very bad (the arms get thin if I rotate them. Does anyone have an example or knows a website were i can see how i should use the right armatures voor my ‘musicians’?


More vetices around the joints will improve it. If you got the 2.3 Blender Guide look up the page on IK_Solvers or go on to and look for the tutorial on setting up armetures for hands and feet.

But if your a newbie I suggest you keep practising on the modelling. Also go to and downlaod the video tutorials they will help you with blender and getting to grips with it more easily. :smiley:

i really like the drums, i think they look really good, good work for a noob!

very good work, and keep it up! :wink: