My first model

This is my first ever 3d model. I wanted to finish the body completely before I had shown it off. I’m still having trouble with getting the face to look right though.

I added some meshes for all to see. The hands still need to be tweak, didn’t spend much time on them.

This is really good work for your first model. It has it’s share of topology and anatomical issues (Depending on if you’re going for a realistic appearance), but with that said, excellent job for your first model.
I think you should eliminate some of the uneeded topology -You have quite a few edge loops that don’t really do much for your model right now other than clutter it, so that should probably be your first order of business.
And, I’d recommend doing some research on body topology and perhaps take a look at how edges flow on other meshes to get an idea on how to go about fixing your model up.

Wow, your First? This looks intermediate level to me. The top of the chest needs to be smoothed out. The crotch has some N-gons that need working out. Aint it funny that the first two things I point out are the breast and Crotch?

Wait a sec, Denton? Deus Ex Ruled!!!

Looks very good. A bit like the girl in the Joan of Arc tutorial. I think the trouble you are having with the face is the eyes are too far to the back, creating a cavity beside the nose, and bulging eyes. If you feel your own cheekbone, it’s right next to your eyeball. With your model, the cheekbone is around the level of her nostrils. Take a look at some side references. I think you’ll find it a fairly simple thing to fix.

Yes Deus EX rules!! I loved very much the musical part, and everything too :smiley: , but thats for another hour, the model flow is good for me, but who I am to talk since I´m a begginer, I will try to achieve this kind of flow in my anime style model

I worked/working on removing some of the edge loops and it has cleaned it up quite a bit. I made the head smaller and and eyes smaller and more realistic (although that’s becoming quite the problem in it’s self). I hopfully worked out the cheekbones so they are in the right place.

Also I used the Joan of Arc reference pictures but the face I used Mr. Bomb’s great tutorial as a guide and the ear and hands I did on my own. The body I used the pictures in the tutorial as a reference when my model started to take a nose dive, especially when I was first starting. I’m going to continue down another road with the model. Probably in my next project. (Something to do with a space ship.)

Here’s some suggested edge loops. The blue line gives you another loop around the eye. The green loops provide loops around the mouth, and give you the possibility of making the crease that runs from the nostril to the side of the mouth during a smile (the inner green loop is the base of the crease, the other loop lets you push the cheek out). You’ve got some unneeded poles (places where three or five edges come together) around the nose which can be converted by adding another loop around the mouth (the mouth is very mobile, hard to have too many loops around the mouth). Finally, run a loop across the forehead, down in front of the ear then along the jaw line to define the face and give you a loop to open and close the mouth by moving the lower jaw.

Fantastic first model! mr_bomb’s got an ear tutorial, too. Looks like you’re learning from the best, and it shows.