my first model

I made this model for a project I’m working on and I was wondering what people would think about this so please post what you would change and/or any criticism that you may have.:smiley: thank you. lol, i realize hes missing a wing but i did that on purpose.

this is your first model?!? :eek: it’s great! my only crit is that some parts don’t look so smooth…

edit: and the right half of the pedestal looks strange. unless its supposed to be like separate tiles? still somethings not quite right.

apart from the man looking suspiciosuly makehumanish, i would say that is on mighty fine first model!

ty ive been working on it for weeks but whats make human? im assuming you can make humans lol ill look it up and i textured a marble pattern and yeah the pedistool doesnt look quite right but the camera angle is a little aqward as well. also what can help me smooth out the wing… subsurf works but i dont wanna use it and i tried subdivid smooth and yeah i didnt get the desired result i was looking for if you have any advice id love to hear it. thank you by the way for your advice.

why dont you want to use subsurf? there are a couple parts of your model that i think could use it, the point bit by the shoulder blade being one of them.

yes, makehuman creates human meshes, that you can pose and sculpt, i belive…

infact, it produces models that have an incredibly similar style to the human you have there…