My first model!

Hi all I’m new here and to Blender. I’ve been trying to learn the program for awhile now and I just started to really dive into it. After many false starts I commited myself and I wanted to get some opinions on my first model and my progress.

I started this model of a Giant monster Head (Durontos by the Killustrator) as a reference. I tried box modeling at first and failed…badly but then I got a lesson from Mavenseed and improved my skills. I wanted to get some thoughts from you guys to see how I can make this better


That third picture looks like it’s coming along nicely!..very good for your first model!

Looking good!

Only one thing. Maybe you should duplicate and seperate § the rim of the mouth area and build the inside of the mouth (tounge, throat etc) from there. Then later attach it again to the head. Thats how I would approach that section. Then you’d have a much nicer seamless texuring area that blends naturally with the outside face.

But really, nevermind my far-fetched approach to detail your really doing great for a first model!

Lets see if we can make this easier on you - In edit mode select the left side and hit X > delete faces so that only one side of your face is up. If your center point (the little dot you see in object mode) is not in the center (X axis wise) hit Shift + C to put your cursor in the dead center, then in under the editing menu (F9) click “Center Cursor”

Then look to the far right and click Add Modifier > Mirror

Click “Do Clipping” to keep any vertex points that hit the center on the X-axis to stay there on the center of the X-Axis

This way, you’ll only have to edit one side!

Thanks for the kind words guys. Blender is a confusing prrogram but I’ve been learning with a little pratice you can easily get the hang of it. I have a the mirror mod on from the head, would it be better if I just turned that off and made a dube of the jaw line to make the inner mouth and teeth?