My first model

So the intention is to be cartoon-like.
I didn’t have a real reference, I was just modeling till it felt right in my opinion.
I’ve posted her in WIP, so I have some workpoints:
The hair is sticking out of the face.
The eyes are open wide.
Something said about the nose not being detailed enough.
And the direction of the eyes is of imo.

These are the wireframes in Ortho-view.

If u need other angles tell me :wink:

These are the renders

if the eyes were smaller and lower down it would improve things. good luck

Proportions need to be fixed a little , as the eyes are a little too big , to the point that they are a little scary.
Lip material is also a little too sharp and defined around the edges.
The rest is really beautiful !

pretty good for first model

It is a good start for a first model. However, I agree with other comments that the proportions are off (even for a cartoon), especially the eyes, though I wonder if the head is too big for the hair (or vice versa) if you get my meaning.

The main issue with the eyes, to me, are the top lids. If you lower the top lids around the eye, she’ll stop looking bug eyed. Don’t have to reduce the size of the eye whatsoever, just lower the lids. Study a few cartoon images (2D is fine) to see where they place the iris/pupil in relation to the lids and I think you’ll see what I mean.

Beyond the lids, I think you’re going to get the most bang for your buck from working more on texturing and materials next. IMO, cartoon characters need more texturing/material work than photorealistic models.

There isn’t anything wrong with the size of the eyes. Real eyes are huge, but mostly obscured by the lids. lower the top eyelid and get the hair out of the face, and she’ll be looking alright.
And don’t worry about the nose, its fine.

I lost the file! so no more working on Elaya :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear that(unless it was on purpose), but keep the render around. In a year, you will want to look back at your first model and gasp.