My first Modeling Attempt

Ok this is my first try at Model for blender from a tutorial I found somewhere.

The main difficulty I had was aligning surfaces… is there away to do this automagically or display a ruler or something?

Now the dice look fairly good but I think the ridges would make them suspect at vegas :slight_smile:

How might I fix those ridges? Also is there a good tut on applying color or material so I can change the spot colors?



Good begining talwyn. so welcome to the fantastic blender world .

the dice look good, though they need more work.

-I think you used boolean, and this is what caused those ugly ridges. So try to activate the auto smooth button. then render (result is visible only in render).

  • To align objects, you can use SHIFT-S then selection ->grid this gives good results. try it before booleans.

  • for materials: you can give your spheres a color (say red), and the cube another color (say blue), when you perform boolean you’ll get a good surprise. :wink:

good luck.

first of all, good job and welcome. i myself am new to blender.
i find that with the right color and lighting, you can make certain blemishes disappear. in other words, take the lazy way out…
To apply a material go to the bottom and look for a button that looks like a balloon. have fun! to apply a materials look for a button like a leopard skin. click it and then click new. toy around with the materials until you get a look you like. unfortunately you can only see the effects if you render so this might take a while. :slight_smile: As for the aligning of surfaces, all i can do is wish you good luck…on second thought, ignore this, the guy above me is much smarter :smiley:

Actually I used half-spheres, and a cube that I had cut the middles out of. The faces were created by selecting the top ring of the half-spheres and the face loop of the cube and pressing Shift-F. I think that I didn’t have the sphere lip aligned correctly ( it looked like it was).

Whats a Boolean ( in Blender ) What is it that is 1 or 0 ( why is it called boolean)?

I tried the snap selection to grid but that pulled my ico-spheres into truly odd geo-metric shapes…

Ok, I was talking about another technique. Simpler of course.

To know what boolean operations are: do the following

in a new scene (empty of course):

  • add a cube,press tab key to get out of the edit mode. Add a new material (blue color or whatever you like),
  • add an icosphere (go the same steps as above), and add a new material (a different color : e.g. red )
  • move the sphere untill it’s on a face of the cube (half in ,half out)
  • select the cube first, then shift-right click the sphere(both cube and sphere are highlighted )
  • press W-key a menu pops up, (Boolean Tools ) click on Difference.
    -Now select the newly generated cube and move it slightly , then render

You can try out the other operations. now I think you’ll understand how to use this technique to make your dice.

so good luck! (and don’t forget to read the doc). :slight_smile:

I gave the boolean method a try and got some simple materials applied… but I still haven’t figuredout how to get rid of the surface blemishes. How does one tell blender that the surface should remain flat when building a face? Or else how do I iron it out?


try set smooth if its solid or set solid if its smooth. You’d be amazed how often this fixes things.


Have you tried this link in the Wiki book Blender : Noob to Pro ? There is a whole fantastic tutorial on modelling a Die. Should read it. Very good techniques there.


I think this will pass for real even in Vegas :wink:

Thanks… That did the trick. I’m going to set up an animation with these now :slight_smile: