My First Modeling Video in Blender

This was a really quick modeling session where I testued out some of my and antihc bash script in linux it in turend work and now I can model all i want and create movies of my modeling stuff! Best of all i didn’t have to pay anything for any software ^_^.

So here is a little test:

what do you guys find so appealing about geocities!!! get a different host so i can watch the fücking clip!!!

what do you guys find so appealing about the word ‘fücking’!!! get a different word so i can read the post without getting tired !!!



ok, I couldn’t download it either because of the geoshitties weirdness, but I’m interested of the script. I did something similar too, with that simple sceren capturing tool that comes with Xfree… the problem was, I couldn’t get the mouse cursor to appear on the shots…

could you?
and what programs did you use?


yeah i also cannot download it. after about 10 minutes i got 12Kb and then i gave up :frowning:


Thing is that I have no where to upload it! Its 2.6 megs

As for the script I used xwd at first but found it take whole snap shots so I used import.

If your wanting the script:

echo “Enter 1 for 20 pic’s”;
echo “Enter 2 for 2000 pic’s”;
echo “enter option :>”; read i

if [ “$i” -eq “1” ]; then
for picture in seq 1 20; do
import -w blender $STR$COUNTER.png
sleep 5
for picture in seq 1 2000; do
if [ “$COUNTER” -gt “1999” ]; then
mencoder -mf on:w=320:h=256:fps=1 -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4 -vop scale=320:256 -oac copy -o output.mpg *.jpg

	elif [ "$COUNTER" -gt "999" ]; then
		import -w blender blensword$COUNTER.jpg

	elif [ "$COUNTER" -gt "99" ]; then
		import -w blender blensword0$COUNTER.jpg

	elif [ "$COUNTER" -gt "9" }; then
		import -w blender blensword00$COUNTER.jpg

		import -w blender blensword000$COUNTER.jpg


I Ill be in #GameBlender if you wanna see it thn if you cant get it from geocities… and if anyone know ahere I can upload this more then a meg at please do tell me

no problem downloading here…even if I dislike Geocities a lot…

but I never saw the whole movie, to boring :wink:

Ztonzy i’d expect that from you since you wouldn’t need to really watch it :slight_smile: more for newbies to see how fast things can get modeled

Geocities is… FREE.
You are starting to float towards the Cubefan side. Infact, you and him are almost identical.

hitachi, cool movie, some of us cool people here are smart enough to know how to use a “fücking” computer and copy and paste a link to see something.
Another good service fom the community.

maybe you can fûcking stay polite and say thank you, geez


Interesting video. I bet it took you longer to make the movie than it did to model that sword. :slight_smile:
This should serve as inspiration to Blender newbies. Thanks!

um… actrally it did :slight_smile:

The movie is well in perfect time i think i took a frame a sec, but it mainly gears towards game modeling though…Ill tr yo speed model a main character soon without uv mapping though heh

U are good at modeling hitachi but can u teach me how to do the texture thing near the end. Nice one :smiley:

Note: what i do to download the clip is by using flash get downloader (its free and the best downloader). Then i copy the mpeg link (blah…blah…blah.mpeg etc.), then i go to flash get and click at edit>past link and it will download smoothly.