My first modelling work in blender ;D

Phew…took me almost 2 days for modelling and setting up the renderer. There are still some major issues with this project as I haven’t figured out how to setup the glass to show the light source in the render image (2nd picture)…strange enough in yafray the glass is shown transparent and I can see the light bulb behind it…

Nuff said - to the pictures!


Hey its like a lamp from the pixar thingy anyway nice job

Wow. For a first work it’s really nice

Really good for your first model, although there is no light coming from the 2nd lamp.

Do I spy DoF? Wow, for a first render your off to a great start.

Welcome to the forums!

You need your light to emit a subtle halo - at least for a more computer/cartoon look. I like to do that anyway. Great start sir!

Thanks for the nice comments :smiley: Actually the second image displays my problem as I don’t know how to make the bulb glowing…
And yes, that’s dof. I made it using nodes as described in this tutorial:
Glow was realized using the sequencer as decribed somewhere on these forums…I read ALOT of tutorials while I worked on this :wink:

For those interested:
it took approx. 2h30m to render the first image with the internal renderer using 18 samples AO on a AMD Phenom 4x2,4GHz machine with 4Gb RAM…that seems very long to me, isn’t it? Maybe I used too many samples? With less it just loos kinda noisy like the 2nd picture…