My first moving animation

my first try at translation walking. got to improve on it though i made the robot and rigged it using rigify had some issues with the hands but heres my atte


Seems as if you’ve set your feet well enough so that there’s no “slide” when he walks. That’s good. and the natural motion (bounce, knee motions, etc) seems to be pretty good. Keep it up! I’m working on this too

I believe there is a way to sync the animation of the feet to the distance traveled. I never did get into rigging so I don’t know, but I swear I saw a video describing this before on youtube. It might just have been talking about working with your animation in the graph editor and pulling keyframes closer together or further apart as you watched the animation. That’s how I would do it if I were inclined to torture myself with rigging. =)

yeah i try but if u look at the head it pops lolol but its fun im still yet to fully understand the graph i use the dope sheet alot.