My First Nature Scene

I was inspired by the new Nature Academy series, which I cannot afford. I really wanted to learn to make nature related scenes, so instead of whining about money and giving up, I decided to figure it out on my own. This was my first attempt. It was also my first time ever using the compositor. Nothing special, but overall I think it’s nice.

Modeled and rendered in Blender.


Wow, for a first time, that is stunning:) I really like the dandelions dotting the field and the gentle sun flare! Very nice 9/10 x)

The flare is just annoying actually :stuck_out_tongue: if you could move it and make it more subtle then yeah it would be cool
Things to improve on:
The grass needs a little bit of specularity - looking very fake at the moment
It could be brightened a little, but the dark areas are the right shade I think. Just the brighter parts aren’t bright enough (a simple rgb curve will fix that)

Other than that it’s pretty damn awesome :slight_smile:

I like the flare;P but your right about the grass, more spec :smiley:


I really like the colors :slight_smile:

I agree the flare looks rather odd. It looks more like a smear on the camera’s lens or something. Otherwise, its a lovely render. How about a hi-res version?

It looks great but is that background one of the windows wallpapers? It looks awful as there is no interaction between the horizon or the sky which makes it look fake. First attempt though so I’m sure you can change it. Other than that, good job.

The sky I got from And the horizon isn’t even visible in this picture, so I’m not sure what kind of interaction you’re looking for there. It might be more clear in the full res image, so here’s a link to it.

Also, as a side note, I’ve decided the dandelions look way to flat and lame, so I’m going to try modeling them better.

I took a few suggestions into account and tweaked a few settings. I also added more of a point to the scene rather than just showing off nature. Here is the finished result. (Some post work done in Photoshop)

Great scene! I originally thought it to be a bit weird to have a single tree on a hill, but now with that grave it makes more sense.

Keep it up!

Very nice scene and a good thing you are attempting this on your own, it’s the best way to really learn if you got some time to spare. To add my critique now, I think the tree model you chose is not well matched to the scene, it looks like a small tree from a park, something with more drama to it would improve the scene. Also it feels like the horizon line from the sky does not match the scene horizon.

very nice, if I could afford to guy you the nature academy I would. Very nice image and fits the fact you can’t afford it.

Any crits would b the flowers are too tall.

A friend of mine alerted me to the fact that the coloring of my tree was off, and that it should resemble more of a Quaking Aspen. A quick google search later and I discovered he was right. So I re-textured the trunk, and also completely re-did the leaves. (They were just a circular plane) I used an actual leaf texture with an alpha map and added them as hair particles to the branches. Also fixed some of the horizon issues and flower scaling issues others had brought up. Next I plan on attacking the grave and making it much more detailed and obvious as to what it is.

Here’s the update. ( I think the glow is a bit overdone, but it’s late and I’m tired. I’ll fix it later.)

Very, very nice indeed!

That most recent isn’t quite as good as the one before!

Perhaps too many buttercups and those yellow leaves aren’t showing the shape of the tree as well… they look like they’re lit from a different place and don’t suit the contrast in the sky…

The reddish leaves may be incorrect, but because of teh sky colour they produce a more pleasing pallette and the level of contrast compared to the sky was more believable…

At risk of labouring a point… the sun and sky are essentially a giant light source… when you photograoh them you have to be careful how you expose your picture…

By having the tree overall much brighter than the lightsource you get very strange feel…

I think the latest one is a great improvement.

In my humble opinion…

The good

  • Love the warm glow - brings a kindness/romance to the scene suggesting the deceased was dearly loved, a heavenly, angelic person (or pet).
  • Good match of the lighting to the sky, and rich contrast.
  • Much improved flowers and grass - previously looked a little fake

The not yet good :slight_smile:

  • Composition - the tree is almost cropped right out of the frame. You should look at composing with the rule of thirds or as appropriate to the focus of the image
  • Horizon - from this height/viewpoint, the land drops away at the right too far. Something else in the distance would likely be visible unless you are on a hill that is very much higher than surrounding hills.

Simply amazing work, I do not know what to say because I was speechless as I saw it. Congratulation

Finished. This is the completed image. I know it’s still probably not perfect, but I’m ready to move on to the next project. I’m going to accept it for what it is. I hope everyone here enjoys it as well. If not, you’ll have to wait til my next scene.

Looks awesone :slight_smile:
thought theres still something seriously wrong with the grass. it got that kinda sss blur on it… needs to be more defined

The tree looks top-notch, good landscaping and decent light.

  • It seems like the yellow flowers in the shadow are a little too bright
  • The grass closest to us to about mid distance from the grave looks like it has the cross-eye effect (where you see each blade twice faintly and where they converge we see a bit more opaque) …almost like a close up of a felt cloth. I think the effect is called interference

Leave this production, move to the next. take with you what you’ve learned.