my first near complete project

well this is the farthest i have ever come on a project and it is near complete. So what is the project you ask well it is a project that i was assigned for my English class and the project was a book report and one of the options for a part of the book report was to remake the cover of the book you read so i being a blender junkie chose to do this. Don’t read after this sentence if you haven’t read enders game and plan on reading it FROM HERE. The way i chose to do it was to make a render of the bugger home world in its last seconds of life before the power of the Dr. device consumed it all and of course this is just my mental image of what i thought it looked like.TO HERE So of course as this is the focused critique forum i would like all of your critiques about my work and what you think is wrong with it and what i can improve on it


Looks good. Especially the * in the middle. One thing that seems kind of off is the way the two fonts are similar, but not the same. Usually in layout design you either make things exactly the same, or noticably different. Maybe use one font that’s thick and bold, and another that’s thin or with serifs (the little tails on the ends of letters).

Great work overall. And a fantastic book too, I might add.

hmm i never did notice that the fonts are near identical because the one for enders game i made and the one for orson scott card is the default blender font but i will take this into consideration however if you look at one of the enders game versions that was released the fonts on it are very similar to the ones i have done not so much in the look but in the fact that they are similar but not identical however i will take your tip into consideration and make them identical

i like the idea of the dieing world, maybe you should include a picture of the bugger that ender saved, or possibly a picture of ender himself.

that is a good idea but i don’t know where i would be able to fit something like that in at plus i don’t think that it is a good idea to put a picture of your imaginary character on your book it kind of ruins peoples ability to make there own look for him and i don’t think i could do justice to either of them and make them look good

ok here is an updated version of the cover