My first official blender render.

An Orange Cube. ;D

very good!
cycles? or vray?
did you use zbrush for the model?

this is really good work. I like the illusion of the cube floating and the execution of the materials… :confused:


I used BlenderRender, cycles just doesn’t look good with my computer. What’s V-Ray? I’m still new to blender… Haha ;D


Thanks, it took me a long time to figure out the materials.

Not bad! :slight_smile: The lighting’s pretty good too, not too one-sided - I’m guessing you used the Ambient Occlusion option in the World settings?

Oh, and abc123’s just messing with you - it’s a recurring joke around the forums, asking how long the cube took to model and what it’s vertex-count is, and so on (the default cube is a bit famous in the Blender community)
About V-Ray, as far as I know it’s the render engine often used with Autodesk’s 3DStudio Max, though it seems to be an external render engine compatible with several 3D programs.

Anyway, good luck! :smiley:


Yeah, I used Ambient Occlusion.

And OH that’s what he’s talking about, lol.

I’m glade your getting started…as we were all noobies once:) However I would suggest working with blender ( a lot) for a few weeks and watch many tutorials and then post your latest scene in either the “Works in Progress” forum or “Focused Critique” forum first to get comments. I dont want you to get discouraged posting your progress in Finished Projects forum if you get rough critques and comments.

Like MeshWeaver said above it does look like you have a good eye for lighting and I agree so keep it up:)

Happy Blending!

I think you must require new features.
You must open many topics with feature requests. :slight_smile:


That’s sounds like a great idea. :smiley: Oh, and thanks for noticing the lighting. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi, I think it’s great for the first one! Agree with others about the light spot on. However, just trying a bit of constructive criticism here, you could try moving the camera for a more dynamic view, squeezing so to say more energy out of the cube. I would also activate the guides in camera settings to get a perfect thirds composition. Even if it’s not really obvious, using for this a boolean operation will give the image a different feel than the default cube.But overall great work.

I love the minimalism of the scene and the implied possibilities of what the unseen cube faces are really hiding.

I’m guessing that the edge loops must be subdivided with edge crease on?
Uv unwrapping done well - sphere projection could have been used,
I would say 12-15K poly’s, Although the tangents and topology look a bit off.
Personally I think that far more effort could have been put into the sculpting and a higher poly count is needed.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Joking aside it looks quite good!

A cube… Whoa! A Cube! :smiley:

As for the lighting and shadows - if you are using raytraced shadows (settings to be found in the lamp properties), you could increase the number of shadow samples. They’ll become softer - you can adjust the ‘softness’ with the ‘soft size’ parameter.

I see you considered the “Rule of thirds” - I must agree with krokodyl1220 about trying soft shadows - If you do that you get a perfect cube render!

I also like the color of your cube! it’s a very fresh though warm yellow.

keep going!

P.S.: if you’re interested in tutorials you can take a look at my website or youtubechannel: