My first on BlenderArtists.

Hello, all
I’m new to this site, but I’ve been doodling around with Blender for a few years, mostly on my free time. That means lots of nights with not much sleep, but I guess many of you guys know the feeling :smiley:
Anyway, I have a few images and I’d need some constructive critics … from what I can see, the overall level here is very high, and I’m probably not matching the standards (yet), but I hope I’ll find some help here.

Here is my latest. It took me three full days to complete, and can certainly be improved by using nodes for the background, and also the muzzle flash can be vastly improved. I’ve tried “blender guru”'s tutorial on the muzzle flash, but again, nodes are my stumbling block.

Well, that’s enough talking for my first post.
Thanks to you all for your comments and critics, and greetings from Switzerland !


and I’m probably not matching the standards
There is no standard. All art is art, and just that. But Quite good. I think that you may have to much light emiting from the muzzle flash (or it appears that way). I can’t really help you with the flash though because I don’t know how to do anything with nodes.

Nice modeling :slight_smile:
Really, this scene could benefit a lot from some ambient occlusion and/or better shadows. I really believe such minor tweaks could take it from decent to great.
(muzzle flash is already pretty good imo)

your modeling is great, i think you should really put aside some time to learn nodes; they’re not as complicated as they first seem.
the way i try to think of it is like a factory: you get the materials, then these are processed in different ways, and give you a finished product.
the three nodes i alway use are lens distortion, glare, and colour balance. also depth of field works well in many places.
it doesn’t need to be complex to be effective.

I agree with Jorzi. When looking at effort vs. return for that effort, AO in this case will take you far. It’s one checkbox, slider & combo box and good return.

I do agree with the others, some composition nodes would inch it out even further, but it will be more effort for less return, so it’s up to you how far you want to push forward vs. decide when it’s complete.

Hats off to you for your first render here, your image conveys a complete story (and that’s a very big thing). Lots of nice detail in there to help convey it (the story) as well. Overall, it’s a fun image and a good job!

You have done a very nice, job, indeed, at “creating an image that very-effectively sets a scene, and tells a story at-a-glance.” Once you have achieved that, hey, “the rest is just details.” Technical details.

Very nice job especially for your fist posted image. I am especially a fan of the skeleton model, and the lighting, that really sets the mood of the picture.

Hey guys, many many thanks for your support and encouraging words.
I shall definitely use the W.I.P. section next time.