My First Ones

I know, i know, my models look like crap to yours, but common, this is my first 3D program, and i’m just 15 years of age. These are my first real finished project, and i’m even proud of them.

My motorbike, RaDra:
My Sportscar, Velocity GT:
And another Sportscar, the Radical GT:
and its wireframe:

Welcome to Elysiun.
I remember that feeling, making the first 3d model that even looked like something. I like the Velocity GT one most (I’d like to see a real render, though ;)).

If you want transparency, you have to find “mirror transp” and set ZTransP on. Then you change the alpha and fresnel settings, use a sphere in the preview window to see the effect and then render (F12).

… or you could look at a tutorial:

Lots of more tutorials here:

Good work! Nice to see new stuff here.
Just 15, age doesn’t determine your skill, it is your talent. I hope to see more from you :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

cool, activate OSA and than render everithing again lol

Same here, This is my first 3D program, and I’m 13, and have been using Blender for awhile, and I still can’t make things like that!

keep going dude.
Keep working on a single proyect, learn more tricks, techniques, lighting etc…and you will improve a lot
maybe you want to do too much at the same time, it´s better to focus on one single project.

those are preety good, how long have you used blender? I’m only 17 and have used the program about a year and I’ve already gotten to these renders (not the greatest, but I’m happy about my progress):
so keep at it!

Hey try modeling simple things like fruits an apple for example.Gaining experience from simple models is the key to learning(I am also 15 and still learning Blender but I believe tht experience is what counts). Hey NewNoiseD very good work. Render them and use osa

haha, it seems everyone here is 15, me too :stuck_out_tongue: started half a year ago.

good work so far, keep up :wink:

Im 12 and started about a year ago, tried a car once,… errrrrr…

This is my new one, Gouvernante. At this one i used your tips, with windows, and the irritating black line is gone. And i rendered it :P.

It’s my best so far i think.

oh yes…it looks very good…perhaps a background

Nice modeling. Personnaly, I am 16 and been fiddlign with Blender as my first 3d program too for a few month now. About what Spin said. Its not your age but your skill and also your determination. Hell staying on a project for a long time can get on your brains. I have been working for what, 2 weeks on a movie for my Neverwinter Nights Persistent World, learned 3 other programs for video editing and sound and AVI formats etc. And was able to make a 1 min movie with sound.

At first i coulnt model a thing. Its like Clay modeling. Either you can figure it out or you suck at it. Personnaly i suck at it but you seem rather good at it. I try using background images (one for each side etc) to try and figure out what i am supposed to make.

But bah, i got carried away

Continue the nice work!

i don’t know why but i thought that you would have been older, about 20?, i dont know why, but if your 15 thats cool, cause i’m 15 also, but will be 16 in september 9th, i been using blender since janurary.

about the models theyre good i really like the ‘new noise velocity’, its kinda’ cartoony :wink: