My first organic model - a hand (in the final stages of modeling, textures coming nex

Original Post (05–4-07)

I decided to try my hand at something a bit more challenging than a sword or christmas present, and I’ve started modeling a hand. I’m doing with this no ref images, just a glance at my own hand as I model. It’s still in the early stages, I’ve just finished the basic sideways shaping of each finger and spaced them out how I like. Next up will be probably be the knuckles, then maybe the palm, and for the wrinkles I might try my hand at sculpt mode, which I haven’t even tried yet. Also, if the fingers seem a bit long, that’s probably just because my own fingers are long and I’m trying to model it after my own dimensions. =P

Anyway, crits are welcome and wanted.

Modeling updated (8-04-07)

Seems like you got the right general shape of the hand, but the bases of the fingers (it may be just the angle) seem a little too thin. Fingers tend to be wider at the base and then slightly decrease in size as you go up. Good work so far though.

Hm…I must have deformed fingers then…mine start out thin, then bulge a bit at the first joint, then go back to about the same width until they flair out a bit at the end.

The angle of the picture isn’t the best, though - you are right about that. Thanks for the crits.

Does anyone have a decent tutorial for the different sculpt mode commands? Cause I just tried messing with it a bit and can’t seem to do anything…

Anyway, I’ll have an updated model up tomorrow.

Also here is a top view of my mesh, it’s the back of the hand - I’m expecting a lot of crits for it in order to get this to work, as this is probably the most complex model I’ve done so far in my self-apprenticeship. Also - the top view is the back of the hand, so keep in mind where knuckles will need to go when critiquing. Thanks!

Some things to think about as you continue your model. Look at the distance between the fingers where the fingers meet the hand. They seem to be to far apart as if one had their fingers spread apart. Now look at your own hand and notice the distance between your fingers. If you spread your fingers apart, we almost have a touch of webed action going on. Apart from that keep modeling, do what you do and good luck to you. Mux

nice start, but since you subsurfed it… watch out for the triangles;)

Ok, well, bad news, at least for me. I tried sculpting a bit, but my computer starts lagging really bad at only multires level 3, bad enough where the scene just becomes un-workable…so I guess I’ll have to vert-model the details.

Aight here’s what I’ve got so far from vert-scultping (also made some nails and threw in a couple temporary materials):

the spaces between the fingers need to be much samller for your hand to be realistic. try moving the fingers colser and making the palm less wide. it will look a lot better.

I was about to say that, the hand is too wide. Also, your hand is too flat. There should be a very slight ‘peanut’ shape to the profile, caused by the pad of the hand at the base of the fingers, and the pad of the thumb muscle. Also, there should be a crapload more bulk around the thumb, and underneath the thumb the hand should taper down to the wrist.

Most of the things you’re suggesting I messed with quite a lot, and I did have more before but it just looked off so I took off some of the bulk. The peanut shape is there on the palm, maybe the angle of the picture is wrong. I will make the whole hand a little less wide, though, that’s a good suggestion.

I’m a little confused by your suggestion to taper the hand down to the wrist…underneath which side of the thumb?

I mean under where it joins to the hand, between the base of the thumb and where the wrist will be.

Also, it needs more of the bulk, it looks like it’s been rolled out of play-dough right now. Like, the shape is good, but it’s just… flat. Also, it needs a faint cup shape. Like sort of a scoop. Look at your hand in the rest position, you should see what I mean.

Ok I see what you mean…should have another updated version tomorrow at the latest.

Also about the scoop-shape - I’m gonna make it look more like that after the modeling and texturing is done.

Alright here’s an slight updated version of the hand, I added a lot more bulk to the thumb area and tried to taper it down, and I also made the palm less wide and moved the fingers as close together as I could without it looking bad. If anyone still thinks they’re too far apart then I’m officially proclaiming my actual hand deformed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only problem I have now is trying to figure out how to get the webbed effect of the spread fingers without using sculpt mode…stupid slow computer…

Almost done with the modeling. Gonna texture it next, which won’t take long, then rig it.

Any last critiques of the modeling? I still need to define a some of the bones a little bit more and I might make the fingers a little shorter.