My first organic model (warning nudity!)

Ok so this model is me first organic model on blender

Blender seems very nice mesh modeling wise

This model has a lot of mistakes and shortcuts and thus it wont be taken any further (well maybe the head). Too many tris and 7 pole and what not. It will be remodeled once the softbody/rigging is clear to me, then all that blubber will bounce according to newtonian laws!! bounce

Plz comment


That is possibly one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in my life, but the modelling looks good from what I can see of it. You might consider working on the joint between head and neck to get it flowing together a bit better and the hooves all look like they could do with a little work.

A wireframe would be nice. For learning purposes and perhaps someone will be able to throw a tip or two about the topology…

Horny Hippo… no… dam… I ment… never mind.

Is the head attached on the neck in anyway? It looks like it’s a seperate model. But the body seems to be well modeled.

That is some serious boo-tay…

that is disturbing… lol…

nice modeling thou…

very disturbing…

Haha yeah shes a BIG ass mama! Thanks for the nice comments, lol!

Head is a separate object and no real effort was ever made to connect it to the neck, as your sharp eyes noted.

Quick tests with softbodies to make the belly, bottoms and breasts bounce showed that the ‘loop topology’ isnt very good (-> wrinkles) so I wont work on this but comments welcome for the next version

Here are two orto wireframe snaps (man that dump subwindow random subwindow selector annoys me!)


Very nice work!

I personally do not find it disturbing, but this may be because it reminds me of my ex-wife.

eh, sexy… lol…
not really disturbing to me either. me thinks its pretty cool and the base mesh looks clean for what it looks like in the first post.

Thanks nyrathwiz and Wizard nod

Here you can see why I wont continue it, see near armpit and on the arm