My first organic...

As the title says this is my first organic model.

The mesh is a mess and probably much more dense than it needs to be, plus a bit of a hack job attaching the ears but so far it works.

I do plan to model a mouth inside and see if I can animate it, do you think it would be easier to clean the mesh before animating than to just try to animate the mesh the way it is?

The model is of my 9yr old nephew, he plays Americas Army shooter game with me so I will claim some artistic license on the facial hair, tattoo, and mohawk :wink:

The lobe of the ear was a lot better until I attached the ears to the head and I just got too frustrated to fix it.

All hair is static vector particles.

I did not map any textures to the normals of the skin, his skin is really smooth anyway, think I should add a touch of rough texture to the skin?

The pictures I used for reference:

Final render using a little bit of AO, and some SSS on the skin texture and eyes:

The texture map I made:

The iris is that blue iris from the Pixar eye tutorial, I just changed the color values upon import.
Texture for whites of eyes I made, couldn’t find the photo of an eye I used to have, but this worked well: (also used a cloud texture to affect the ref value of the texture)

Render with wires:

Dude, wow that is awesome :open_mouth:

Umm, that’s pretty good for your first organic mesh. All I can say is, keep it up.

Looking really good :slight_smile:

I’m pretty new to modeling, and the only thing I could say is that the nose could do with a little more definition, and if you’re getting into organic modeling then you really should take a look at this thread:

The approach that Someartist(mr_bomb - I think this is the same person) has to the nose in his video tutorial “Modeling the Human Face” is the inspiration for my modeling. It’s a large video tutorial (80Mb), but it’s very informative for both work flow and the sheer speed with which he uses a poly-by-poly method to create a face from a template. The video can be downloaded by clicking on the image of the face at the bottom of this page:

Great work. Keep it up :smiley:

Edit: just had another look at your mesh and another thing that stands out after re-reading your comment about the density of the mesh is the number of edge loops around the forehead. It’s not necessary, but if you wanted to thin out the mesh, it looks like it would be possible to thin out the horizontal loops around the forhead. Select the loops using Alt-Shift-RightClick and then press Delete and select “Edge loop” from the drop down list. Not a criticism, but a useful technique I came across when I think my mesh is too dense. :wink:

^edge loops on the forehead are essential if the character is going to be animated, or if you want it to have realistic expressions. when the eyebrows are raised the forehead becomes wrinkled

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

For animating expressions I had planned to use bump maps for creating forehead wrinkles, but with so many edge loops through there it might just be easier to go ahead and make shapes with them eh?

I feel like I learned a lot through the modeling of this head, ears, and eyes but as I have always found in 3D, just when I learn something I find out how much more I don’t know, how much more I have to learn.

It seems some techniques are very technical while others are more of an art and require a different mode of thinking to solve problems and achieve the goal.

FunkyWyrm: I haven’t got a chance to check out those links you posted but thanks, I will get to them :slight_smile:

The only things that stand out is that corner on his forhead where all the sides of his face meet, and the beard looks to clean.

FunkyWyrm, I got a chance to check out those links and downloaded the video, wow, those are two excellent resources.

Thank you much!

Hey Hazard, your model is looking very good so far but like someone else said you’ll need add the proper edgeloops to the forehead region if you wish to animate the model. You can check out my tutorial (shameless plug) via the link Funkywyrm posted for an example on good edgeloops or else search the forums for Torq’s “a better face tutorial.”

Keep it up!

Oh, is that your video?

Awsome work man!!

A year or so ago I made a video tutorial on making a sphere puzzle, it was just one of those things that a lot of people have a hard time getting their head around and seeing it done in real-time in a video I think takes some of the mental limitations away that people inflict on themselves.

To see it done especially quick like your video really helps instill confidence in people that they can achieve acceptable results as a reasonable pace.

If I had seen your video earlier it would have saved me a lot of pain trying to tweak the nose.

I used tutorials for mouth, eye area, and ear, the rest I really had no clue as to the proper way it should flow but I just wanted to get past the mental roadblock and finish a head, knowing that I would have much to fix for it to work properly later on.

I don’t want to sound down on myself but I was really shocked it came out looking as good as it did.

p.s. what Blender theme are you using? Is it one I can download somwhere, I love the color scheme there.