My First photography attempt (will updates with more pictures over time)

Hi guys.

Due to the black friday sale here in colorado, I’ve managed to get my hand on a 7 MP Digital Camera, the Polaroid a700 for $79.99 and a 1 gigabyte SD memory card for $2.99 (both price is after rebates).

Where I live is on the continential divide which mean the border between the mountain range (to the west) and the flat prarie like land (to the east)

here is a good map showing the mountain in the west half and the “prarie” in the east half. I live just barely east of the mountain in Colorado Springs.

One thing I love about this is that it gives me a large range of landscape to take pictures of. I’m currently planning to practice taking pictures of the landscape so once it snows here I can take advantage of the practice to effiecntly take many of the beautiful landscape swathed in snows (my favorite scenery). Right now though i’m low on money and can’t buy fresh battery for my camera so I’m limited to taking just a few pictures at times. So far I have 2 pictures I’ve used the program called AutoStitch with and I rather like the resulting picture.

Here is the link to 2 of the picture I’ve set up,
one is of my room where I use the computer and the other is a panorama from my 3rd floor balcony.

My room’s picture

My panorama from my balcony

My older picture (was just a experiment with the autostitch using my 2.1mp camera)

:EDIT: Oh, do anybody knows of a site that could teach me the basic (the principles, not the specific of certain programs) of how to touch up my photo? and how to take better picture using digital camera like mine?

cool pictures, i like your computer set up, but here are places where its easy to see where the stitching of the pictures has made mistakes,

also use or an equivalend, cause your bandwidth is just gonna get sucked up from images of that size…

Thanks, though I’m having issues trying to find a hosting site for my larger balcony panorama. any suggestion?

hmm, i dunno? maby optimize it in like gimp / photoshop, optimizing usually makes you picture up to 70% smaller in file size with barely noticable loss of quality! its quite amazing!

oh ok, I’ll try it but I’ll need to know where to go in GIMP to optimizes it?

:EDIT: never mind, I found when I open the jpeg in gimp then save as, I’ll have the optimize option there and I optimized it at 90% which was enough to save at around 1.3mb. here is the thumbnail now, thanks! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That one looks very nice, but the floating hand makes the image looks like an accidental ghost sighting (and there’s something motion-blur-ish about the far right part, on the roof).

I’m wishing I had a (digital) camera.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I had to block out the sun to make the image at least not too over-exposed (if that the right word for it) to be blended into the other images to make the panorama.

Oh I didn’t noticed that thanks for pointing it out. I’ll try to use my mini-tripod as a stabilizer. (The reason why I hated my old 2.1mp camera was cause it blurred too easily)

Thanks for the comment :smiley:

though I’m still hoping to find out about any good site for explaining how to get better results with digital camera. I’m looking for info on it but I could never seem to find a good enough one so I’m hoping to find a site which other artists here recommend.

Ah, should’ve figured as much.

Well, I just found this site, with lots of tutorials and tutorial links. I hope it helps.

Kewl mang! I have been trying to find a program like autostitch for one wip - now I found it! Thank you!

There is also open-source software called Hugin for making panoramas (works also on Linux).

Radscientist: Can you manually set the shutter time of your camera? You should set all settings manually. The sun will be over-exposed but that’s fine in most cases.

Cool site, though that is one of the reason why I have issues with finding a good site, it is very easy for me to get information overloads.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Yeah i heard about that when I found out about autostitch but the issue with hugin is that it is not fully automated. I’m still not experienced with GIMP and other photo-editing software.

The digital camera don’t have many manual setting, I would love to get one with manual settings but This one is the best camera i’ve owned so far so I wanted to learn how to post-pro my photo.

made another panorama picture from my balcony on a snowy day (though with heavy overcast)

here is a link to the picture (2 mb)
Kinda lazy right now but I will upload this picture to the imageshack and make a thumbnail to post it here later.

Hopefully, tomorrow, the day will be clear with alot of the snows still there for a much better panorama.