My first pic (edit:) Posted

(Idgas) #1

OK I fugured out how to post my pic with the help up S68. I would like to know what everyone thinks of my little robot. Any comments good or bad will be appreciated. made it a link instead

(stukkm) #2

very very nice.i think it could use a little work on the materials of the body but otherwise that’s a great job for a first pic! keep it up.

(ec2) #3

Nice model. I like the reflections. Keep going.

(BMD) #4

Great Job! way better than my first post (and it’s not cuz i might have found this before you <wink>) rather cute compared to the ones in the living mechanics contest shudder

Great Job!

(S68) #5

Nice, I like the expressionof the eyes :slight_smile:

Materials can be made more lively with some texture, but if it’s in plastic is fine.

You should enter the Living Mechanic contest, yes!

(See the Contest forum)


(Idgas) #6

Thanks everyone for your comments. I am still trying to figure out how the armatures work. I’ve read a couple of tuts on them but am still messing around. Thanks again for your comments.

(valarking) #7

that’s pretty cool, but im sure that’s not your FIRST picture, unless you’ve been in the 3d industry for a long time. be honest.

(Idgas) #8

No its not my first picture. I have been using blender for about 4 months and this is the first one that i’ve actually posted.

Mazer, what kind of work on the body i tried to go for a clean metallic look

(Idgas) #9

here is a book i did in tribute to blender tell me what you think.

PS im still working on the armatures for the little robot.

(valarking) #10

i tihnk it looks good, but could use some osa

(blengine) #11

hahaha very cool! great character =D

(Nayman) #12

look slike the little character from spykids 2

(Idgas) #13

Yea thats where i got the idea

(Idgas) #14

Here is another version of the little guy

(S68) #15

Better and better,

reflections on body and head are perhaps a little too sharp, try playing with Mir/Spec colours ad drop down a little that Col slider on the far right in tha material window and which is relative to the EnvMap texture.

Maybe a tyny bummapping with a stucci will creates nice fuzziness.


(blengine) #16

looks wonderful! the reflections are very cool…perfecto…u really need somehting on the ceiling reflected, ceiling fan? lamp? pancake stains?

(rixtr66) #17

not too bad,the reflections are ok,check the color sliders and decrease a little,see what happens.
good modelling


(Idgas) #18

Thanks for the tips ill try the sliders and see what happens.

(Idgas) #19

Well I took the little guy back to the shop and came out with this. I was trying to get more of an organic look. Not sure where to go from here. I changed the legs and just about everything. Ya think it looks better this way or the other.??

(Ecks) #20

Better! a lot better! I really like it! try adding some detail and post it for the living mechanic contest! gj! :smiley: