my first picture

assuming that the photo i have will work (as it is from a computer at school)…this is my first work in progress that i’m closest to finishing…and it still needs a lot of work…i’m not going to lie…it sucks pretty hard so far…but at least you can see the general idea of what i’m doing (yeah that’s a cross on the water)…i’m just wondering what can be done further to give it a more realistic look. any suggestions would be awesome.

I realize the fog kinda sucks, the stars need to be moved back and the moon is not so good. not sure how to fix them though

thanks :smiley:


looks cool to me. i see it’s a night time scene but perhaps you should add some more light to the foreground. the moon looks a little too close, so maybe if the moon was that big and bright, the foreground would be a little brighter. show off that grass, it looks really good for a first picture.

thanks, i will mess around a little more with what you said…also, is it me or does the moon seem a little flat? is there any way to fix that really?

Make the moon much further away… It looks good, but at first look, it seems the moon is just small and close, not far and large. Make it larger, and move it back. Make the light source right in front of the moon so that everything is shaded correctly, can’t really tell if it is or not, but just a suggestion if it’s not.

ok here it is fixed up a little bit…i still feel like something is missing but i can’t put my finger on it

ok here it is fixed up a little bit…i still feel like something is missing but i can’t put my finger on it


Your missing color. Give the lights a blueish tint.

i see, that would make sense actually…i’ll have to fix that and the fog when i get back to school…i just realized that the fog the second time around just has too many particles (i made them static and it seemed to help the fog seem a little more “natural”…maybe help if i reduced the norm too perhaps?)

thanks by the way for your comments…it’s always good to have people critique your work. All I get at school is, woah i wish i could do that, as i live about 20 miles away from the middle of nowhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

The ground that is near the horizont is brighter than the one that is near the camera. That shouldn’t be.

The moon doesn’t have such a specularity, give the hard a lower value. If it’s a ful moon then it should like a light emitting object (i.e. the shading is equal on every part of the surface).

There is a star near the bridge that is visible.

Keep working on it, maybe add some trees or bushes to break the monotone horizont.

Make the moon a sphere, and texture it like you have. But give it better lighting. The problem is that the edges are very sharp.

Did you use displacement maps for your water? Nice.

Thanks :smiley: yeah i’ve pretty much mastered water :p…i think i’ve got the moon down too (pic will be posted on monday…will be final because my class is over and will have no access), it’s those ruddy partilces that are giving me a run…the grass just looks unnatural in the back there…i’ll try adding more stuff, i added a tent on the side (i’m afraid to make shrubbery see…haven’t even come close to anything on that level)

what are some ways to soften the edges on the moon? it is a sphere (even in both of those pictures) but i can’t figure out how to make it look sphere-like…hopefully the lighting i added will do the trick…

thanks for all of your input too btw, it has helpled me immensely