My first piece of character animation (Updated Again!)

This is the first piece of character animation I have actually finished, Its short and its not perfect but I feel Im getting somewhere :yes:

Comments and or critiques welcome :smiley:

Check below for new updates!

Looks nice except for the jump. He lunges forward, waits a second, then jumps. He should wait before he jumps.

I’ve seen you working on this earlier and it’s come a long way! Great work with a three-legged character. The jump is the only thing I didn’t like, was it supposed to be in slow motion? Even then, it didn’t look right, the camera looked weightless the way it reared up, and I think the back legs slid a little, but great walk cycle!

Thanks guys! Youre both right, I need to rework that jump. It wasnt supposed to be in slow motion but i didnt want it to be too fast, I think its more a case of varying my timing to make it more interesting. And the pause before the jump is definitely a mistake that need fixing, the more i see it the more it is a glaring issue. I must give credit to FeelGoodComics for helping me with the walkcycle, he helped me get that sorted out properly right in the beginning.

Update soon :smiley:

Looking forward to it:D!

This obviously isnt another version of the previous anim, but a fight scene, part of a short animation Ive been working on (same character though) - I havent worked on any camera moves and i know its a bit dim, but any other critiques?

I had to watch it twice to understand what happened a little better, when the cameras are close, it’s hard to tell which legs belong to who… The animation looked good though!

Thanks for the reply Renderer10! I wasnt sure anyone would notice this as it wasnt a new thread - this anim is the middle part of a story Im making - its taking a long time but im learning a lot :slight_smile:
Like Im learning why people specialize in certain aspects of animation, modeling, lighting etc. Im concentrating on the animation and as a result, the textures and lighting and camera need some work now.

Very good sketcha! :smiley:

Character interaction is one of the harder things to animate, and you did it very well!

My critique (since you have asked me for it) would be to watch your staging. The characters and the background are both black, making it hard to see what is happening clearly. If you want to keep them both black then I would suggest using a rim light to highlight the edges of the characters (on the left side) and pop them out from the background.

I look forward to seeing further developments :slight_smile:

Edit: I see you have two animations here, so I will also critique the other one…

The pause when he leaves the ground seems a little off. I think it is also amplified by the camera beginning to move after the pause and not at the start of the jump. Is he supposed to pause there? Are you going for the hollywood ‘fast action starts slow’ thingy? lol :slight_smile: If you are then I would suggest starting the camera motion a little earlier, and making sure the character continues to move the whole time, accelerating steadily through the jump. Which is definitely tricky!

Nice work!

That was pretty neat, sketcha! Congrats!
One crit - the lighting. It needs to be a little brighter, and the laser needs to be thinner for it to be a laser instead of a red light :D. and one more thing - when the laser hits the building, it could leave a melt mark as the laser hits it… otherwise, it is AWESOME!!!


Thanks! everyones comments are very encouraging :smiley:

Lighting: I totally agree, I spent so much time doing the animation that I basically forgot about the lighting - Ill fix that directly!

Laser: Hmm, I must admit the laser was bugging me too but after getting halfway through i didnt really want to change it because that would mean i would have to animate the whole sequence again.Unless theres a way to change it to a mesh without losing what Ive done.

Scorch marks: I would love to do that but to be honest, I dont know how :slight_smile:

Thanks again - Update Soon!

Ok, here’s the first 2 thirds of the animation Ive been working on for awhile - it includes the two animations already shown and some other stuff linking them together - theres a story in there somewhere!

Its a rough edit because I found I couldnt put all the pieces together in Blenders sequencer so im using a adobe premiere trial and i just threw it together to see how it looked.

Tear it apart guys :smiley:

P.S. - some of the obvious errors I am aware of but to be honest it has taken me so long to get this far Im getting to the stage where i just want to finish it :yes:

Add an Edge Split Modifier to the thing watched through the view finder so you can get rid of those weird shadows when the camera moves.