My First Piece

Hey guys,

I’m new to the community. After totally failing in 2009, I’ve decided to give Bender another go. Right away I’m getting it thanks to the numerous tutorials I have encountered in the last 5 hours. So this is my first piece. It’s not much. Blender kind of froze my computer. I don’t have much free space so I carry around the portable version on my flash drive. Anyways, it froze after a window resize and I couldn’t recover what I had b/c the portable version doesn’t do that. Here’s what I had before I lost everything though. Tell me what you think.


I am not sure what it is, but it’s pretty good for your first time. You could add some basic textures onto it though.

It might be good for a first piece (might be) but it’s not very good for a first post. I am sure you can do something better if you follow some tutorials and finish them. Also, why are you using blender on a thumb drive? Do you seriously not have ~100MB on your computer to use?

Well, I like the design. I’m more of an abstract artist than real world. However if the computer hadn’t crashed on me I would’ve added more to it. It still has a feeling it conveys to me anyways (which is why I posted it). I just feel balanced when I look at it. I get a sense that everything will equal out, along with a defensive feeling, kind of like being protected. Also a simplicity of life, a reminder to remember the protection and symetry/balance of the simple things.

Anyway, I carry a portable version b/c I was working on a public computer at the time. Now I have Blender installed on my own personal computer which is where I did my second piece.

Oh man, please tell me you’re going to do some sacred geometry art using Blender… that stuff is crazy cool…

I just looked that up. I LOVE IT! GREAT idea.

not saying it couldn’t have become an interesting abstract piece, but it looks pretty lazy, and “my computer crashed so I posted this instead of finishing it” also sounds lazy… no offense. I Would like to see more abstract work here, the constant rehashing of a few representational themes is very boring.

I understand what you’re saying but I thought it had a finished quality in and of itself. Art is interpreted. You’re entitled to what you see within it but what I see when I look at it is a concept that peaks my interests. When I look at it, I have a plethera of questions about it. What is it? What’s it used for? It kind of peaks my curiousity, which is what I love about it. Also, art can be VERY lazy. :slight_smile: Artists throughout history picked up and put down their projects. Psychologists have tried to pin compulsive disoreders to need to abandon projects on many of them. Some of the greatest pieces we’ve seen have been considered incomplete by their authors but absolute masterpieces by us. In that sense, I may not have been able to complete it, but I still love the quest and security it provides in both seeking to understand it and be comforted by it. That’s how art is though, it’s your emotions. Lazy just happened to be mine at the time. To answer your inner-most thoughts though, I did not upload this project just because it was my first and I couldn’t put anything else into it. I created a basketball goal before it and didn’t apply any skin to it. It also crashed on me. It was the crappiest thing I had ever seen. Nah, I uploaded this because it made me feel the need to inquire about the world around me, or at least about the piece. Anyways, no offense taken. It’s your interpretation of the piece.

That might be true, but do note you’re posting in a forum full of Blender users, and the shape being shown in the work here for example is very similar to random shapes I have made by using various tools on all faces at once. The fact is that you’ll find people who will be able to get a somewhat accurate deduction on how the piece was made (even applying to complex scenes sometimes) and will estimate the skill involved by using their own skill or that of others as a reference.

In general when I do those random shapes, I often create a bunch more and put them in some abstract environment and/or an arrangement to at least give a sense of cohesion,and then combining that with an interesting lighting and shading scheme.