My First Post! How to have a plane display a cameras view(live)

Hello fellow blenders I seemed to have hit a dead end have finally signed up so I can get some help. I’m somewhat proficient in the use of blender but I seem to have hit a conundrum

So what I’ve been trying to do is set up a camera that will display its viewpoint on a planes face. For example a digital camera has a screen(plane) on its backside allowing you to see what the camera sees. However I have looked everywhere and it seems as if there is no modifier or similar function that does this. Would anyone know if this is possible in blender because I know its probable yet cant seem to figure it out. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I personally can’t think of a way to get “what a camera sees” to become the input to a texture “in one step.” But you can, for example, composite something in. You can use it in an image-based texture. Or, use it as the source to a lamp such that the lamp in-effect becomes a movie projector. If there’s a way to use the output of a camera-object directly to feed into another material or texture, then I, too, would be very interested to know about it.

Well you can “display” what the camera sees by hitting hot key Ctrl+ Alt + Num 0 in 3D window.