My first post: I'm a game programmer who's almost finished

I have a game I spent on and off in the past 6 years on. It is a 3d online fighter like Tekken or Virtua Fighter, but instead of just 2 people fighting at once, you can have teams of up to 750 vs 750(really cool networking trick).

I was wondering if this is a forum where I could look for an artist who can make fighters that would work in Tekken or Virtua Fighter. I also need a 3d level designer. A musician would be nice too.

Let me make two things clear:

  1. I have no idea how to find 3d modelers, so please don’t flame me if this is the wrong place.
  2. I still have to create the animations and balance for 9 of the 10 fighters(should take me several months). I don’t want to bring any modelers on until I’m 100% finished with my game because I worked on a MMORPG back in the day(before there were any MMORPGS), and I quit working on it so my artist got nothing either. I have other things on my plate other than this game so I don’t want to waste your time unless I’m 100% ready.

My website

The reason I quit making the project was that I was worried that I’ll never find any artists willing to make games with me when I have no working capital to start with. I don’t have my negotiation skills refined, but I’d do something like 15% of the sales up to $250,000 total royalties. The reason why I cap royalties is that if my game is a flying success that I’d want to hire the artist full time for the next stage which is a MMORPG. I figure instead of keeping the project on the back burner that I should test the waters to see if there are any interested artists. The more interest in this project there are, the more effort I could put into it(why should I bust my tail if there is no art to finalize it).

I’m making two games with my same engine.

  1. A Street Fighter with a ladder system and random rewards for winning that transfer to the second game
  2. The second game can only be explained at the website It is an action paced MMOG that involves ruling kingdoms, and monthly updates. I plan on using the money from the first game to sponsor the development of this game. I’d be thinking of a 3-5 year development time line on it.

So I’m pretty much done even though the path to get here wasn’t easy. It is time to finally start searching the planet for an artist. This is just a feeler to see if anyone can help me. Even if you’re not the guy for the job, if you know someone, that would be great too.