My first post in Blenderartists

(arbit_man) #1

Another Donut. First ever blender render. Many more to come.

Hi all. I tried to go all out on my first scene. I wanted to do some character design so I started learning blender on and off from last December. I even created a human model but never finished it. Somehow I bumped into /r/blender and saw the donut posts and I thought I too should follow the tradition.

I followed most of Blender Guru’s tutorials to get the sense of how to use Blender.

I wanted to learn Blender to design and render photo-real looking superheroes. Can someone help me out with some interesting tutorials I could follow next to achieve my goal.

Credits: Thanks to the blender community for most of the tutorials
*Image inspired by: Not sure who the real photographer was
*Scratches and Smudges textures: David Gruwier texture link,
*Table and smudges textures: Poliigon free textures
*Donut diffuse map: Modified Bao2 model’s diffuse map

(Scoped) #2

Thank God, finally, somebody made a quality render following that iconic tutorial. Good job mate! The only thing that I’d improve is that the doughnuts are a bit too shiny, IMO real dough is a bit rougher. Also, play with the lighting a bit. Add some shadows, textures to lamps etc. Maybe you’ll find something that looks even better.

Anyways, good job (especially for your first Blender render) and keep it up!

(WeakFredo) #3

Best Donut tut render ever.

(arbit_man) #4

Thank you so much. I was in a dilemma whether to use glazed donuts or plain donuts for the base. Only after I rendered I saw that it was way more shiny than I intended. For this scene I used the inbuilt lamps instead of mesh lights. I am planning to learn the differences between the lighting setups so that I can apply for my next scene.

(arbit_man) #5

thank you :slight_smile: