My First Post - Mech Warrior

Hello all.
This is my first thread and my first image uploaded. Been using Blender for about 6 months, well trying to learn it anyway.
Any comments are appreciated.


Nice modeling i like that mech robot:yes:.Maybe if you work more on texture it will be much better! I remember that in past somewhere on net saw tutorial for mech robot and yours is very similar to that tutorial.

Thnx for your reply Z-3d.
Actually, I got the idea for the Mech from an image floating around on the net. Haven’t seen the tutorial though.
You’ve enspired me to go and work on the texturing :slight_smile:

Where is the tutorial??

Good job you’ve done there,
Like the texture, but it look a little flat. what about assigning a bumpmap to it?


my only crit is that those legs are really unpractical (is this a word?). With the ammount of weight that would be put on the bearings, it would probably just shatter. If it’s designed for combat, if it even got nicked with the shockwave from a grenade it would probably shatter.

good start, I really like that blue glow…one question: what does it do? i can’t tell what it’s supposed to do besides walk. maybe add guns or something.

Umm, i posted this image when i first joined. I can’t believe it got a respone this late in the game. I don’t even have the .blend to this anymore. This was the first time i read those comments after my first responce in this thread. I think i was too noob to even be able to follow the thread properly, sooo, um, thnx for those comments, they all would have helped if i had only read them 1 year ago. lol.
But its given me inspiration to try another mech.

even though it was your first post, it looks awesome! nice work!