My First Post!

I’ve been trying to learn Blender for almost three weeks now. This is my first real render. I would love some feedback from you all to help my renders become more photorealistic. I rendered at 2500 samples. I have a spot lamp, and HDR lighting. I wanted the curtains to cast the dark shadows so it felt like you were looking in on an early morning reading area.

I have been learning Sketchup Pro for my commercial needs, so the chair and lamp were built there and then imported into Blender. I made them in Sketchup because I’ve grown accustomed to the layout and tools, and I’m just quicker.

I rendered using Cycles 2.70. Yay for first posts! Your critique and feedback are appreciated.

I can’t say for sure if this will get you closer to what your after, but you might want to try and use a sun lamp rather than a spot lamp, there is a size setting on the sun that can change the sharpness of the shadows. Welcome to forum, and it’s a nice first post.

Nice one! Did you normalmap the right wall?

Thanks, Harleynut. The sun lamp is a bit elusive to me because I don’t have a good idea what the size does, if that makes sense. I feel like I’m making the sun lamp waaay to powerful, but it’s still not making much difference in the render. If you know of a good tutorial on the sun lamp, I’d appreciate it.

I think so? I’m pretty sure. Like I said before, I’m really new to this whole mapping and modeling terminology, but I’m pretty sure I did normal map the right wall.

Its not a full blown tutorial, but you could take a look at this

From what I understand the angle you have the sun is what matters the most… place your sun in your scene, go into side view and look at the direction the sun is… adjust (by rotating) accordingly to reflect the time of day as best you can.

Looks nice, the carpet might be a bit too deep of shag, but it’s good composition.