my first post

This all make in Blender 2.72. Please feel free to give me feedback.:smiley:


this is very good, but there is still too much noise, it’s too bad!
Also, of course the pillows are always hard to do :stuck_out_tongue: but the grey one on the left really looks like it’s floating!
Overall it’s really good in my opinion, especially for composition and lighting!

clock doesnt look right, it feels to big. too much noise, but outside that it looks and feels fantastic.

Adding to what the others have said, the door seems too thick, and it is missing the faceplate, latch bolt, and locking components. Also, the painting on the wall seems like it has been squashed a bit.

I really like the curtains though, and the chandelier looks very nice!

Excellent work for a first post! I concur with the comments that others have stated but I just wanted to say that I saw this and liked it.

there is over ligth at the window. but overall its Great… i Like it

Ow the models/scene from the Architecture Adacemy :slight_smile:
Nice one, but one pillow is floating, door are too thick, wood in fireplace is weird… give the render more samples - it will be less noise :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to give me valuable feedback, I will keep it up on the next one.:eyebrowlift:

Hey, great first post! I agree the previous comments, but I love the composition! Great job. :slight_smile: