My first prodject!

This is my first prodject in blender!


Welcome to Elysiun, and in your case Blender. Great job! i like your lighting for the most part, but i think it could have a little bit more contranst. try adding a spot light. For the plane, the reason you have all of those lines are because you put on subsurf. (i think.) try just setting set smooth. other then that, i think it’s great for a first project.

Project!!! PRO(J)ECT :slight_smile: welcome to elysiun

Hi butter and welcome :smiley:

It looks like you might have used a cylinder for the main part of the plane and then subsurfed it. The default Add>Mesh>Cylinder Vertices prompt value of 32 is good enough for solid/Auto-smoothed cylinders, but you might try, either in this project or in the future, adding a cylinder with a lower Vertice prompt value, like 10.

This gives the cylinder just enough points to retain its general shape when subsurfed, but it will help you get rid of those ridges and allow you to use a higher subsurface value for even smoother results :slight_smile: Also try selecting the object and clicking Smooth in Edit window (F9 Key) when working with smooth surfaces.

Have fun and keep on blending,


Hello and welcome! Its great to see some new people here, instead of the same thing every time. Anyways, welcome to elYsiun. For a first project, thats really well done (I seem to remember my first project being a cube with a taper on one side). You seem to already have a pretty good grasp of Blender, but i would agree that the lighting could use some work. You’d be amazed at how much good lighting can help out a render. So, a great first project, I look foreward to seeing more of your work.

Blend On!

XrQLz :wink: