My First Product !!!

hey , this is the first time i have uploaded a model for a store

why don’t you guys create models and sell , it’s fun , it’s not that i don’t have money , but it’s a nice experience … :smiley: .

This is such an awesome piece 3D “g”. Thanks for bringing it out to the attention of the BA - you have plenty of talent, and I indeed consider this an achievement. Look forward to more of your contributions.

You’re getting annoying.

who exactly?

Well, seeing how there is only 3DGURU and kbot , I would say maybe one of them. Unless bigbad is just throwing out a generalization about the whole BlenderArtist community.:smiley:

I think 3DGURU has a unique style there that he could develop into a line of interesting cartoon characters.

@MentalKhandr I won’t say who is who but one seems to have cycles like the moon or tides and starts similar threads about every six months, the other a cliched canned response meant to do nothing but generate a massive post count that is wheeled out about 15 times a day:D

so Bigbad’s response could apply to either IMO, just seeking that little bit of clarity

@tyrant monkey… I think you are right on both counts. Unfortunately my contributions here are not all that great either. I hope I’ll learn Blender well enough that I can one day contribute something of substance.

I think I like being the noob until I have some sort of talent. So I’ll probably retire mentalkhandr someday soon and re-appear as somebody else to keep my post count small.

kbot is on my ignore list. Did not even notice him.

I aimed at 3dguru. I’ve seen that head on 14 other threads and it’s getting annoying. It’s like those people that have a baby and shows a picture of it to everyone.

It’s no big surprise that I am on BigBad’s ignore list . . . this was one of my finest hours to get on BigBad’s ignore list.

bigbad , i agree that i showed it more than once , but you maybe didn’t understand me this time , i was just trying to discuss the 3dexport site , thanks a million and have a nice day guys … , i will bear in mind stoping this behaviour if it might annoy anyone , sorry :slight_smile: .