my first project, a church type building

here is one of my first projects, a church type building.
I might have a hard time texturing the shingles, because ill have to do everyone! lol
any ideas to make it better? i need the help! thanks


Looks nice man! Maybe put a cross somewhere because I have always seen a cross somewhere on a church. Plus the are only like 8 polys and are very easy to make. Other than that no really crits since it is in the early stages. Good luck with the rest.

Nice; it’s an unusual design. Only suggestion is to make the steeple or tower smaller on each section rather than larger.

if you have a photoshop or pic editing program you can make a tesselating texture for the shingles which shouldnt be hard cus shingles are square, then in the objects shading properties go to “map input” and you can position and chose how the texture is applied, you would probably use global or object coordinates then to get it to repeat, then flat for direct corrdinates and just mess with the axises until it looks good.
or an easier and probably better looking option is you can make one flat shingle to scale. then add a couple of array modifiers (arrays make the modified object duplicate on an axis) then with a little number and axis coordinate configuration just rotate and position them to the roof, just parent it to the structure and your good to go, and yea that tower looks strange, make it smaller and, give it a roof.
i started working with blender in the summer and im already designing my sister a house with it, so with time youll eventually learn it.