My first project in blender.UPDATE

Here it is [!]

Uhh you got to upload it on to the internet 1st got to or something create an account then upload it.

I think is the best choice. Or you could upload it to geocities.

image shack (google it) Gallery for Blender users, hosted very generously by Alltaken.

[edit] URL fixed.

hhhmmm matrix (love the film) sorry no one said welcome yet there busy most probly so
welcome to elysiun dude.
and for image hosting do what they say lol.

Thanks guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that’s awsome for you first work. Do you have any other experience in 3d?

So, I’m the first one to comment it? (edit - too slow =/ )

Then, let me say that I really like it, the sword looks good. The modelling seems very nice to me.
But, maybe you can put some more effort in the background. I like your sword but the wall behind it just doesn’t fit the good modelling, if you ask me. Maybe you could add some tiles or some structure to it so that the wall looks like a wall ;]

No, I am 14 years old and blender is my first 3d modelling program.

I dont have any good texture :frowning:

Nice texture work, very good for a beginner

That’s not really a problem, if you have an image editing programme - I’ll tell you how I did my tiles (this is surely not a professional way - it’s just the way I got it to work ^^; ).

Use your Image Programme to create something like this: TilesBump
Then open up Blender and create a Plane (in “7” View - I haven’t tested it for other views). Add the image you created before to the plane (as a a texture). You can uncheck Col in the Map to Dialog of the Materila Buttons so that it doesn’t affect your colors of the wall.
Now, go into edit mode, subdivide the plane a few times and go to Editing, F9. Now click the Noise “Button” as often as you need to - the result.

Now you can add some more textures to give the wall some color and add bump effects, etc…but this gives you the basic tiles.

Uhm, yeah, I hope you get the point, I don’t have that much time to make it more detailed - still, I hope this helps!