My first project in Blender

I want to show you all my My first project in Blender. This is for a movie digital stunt promo. I really amazed to see the options and features. I really fall in love with Blender and this selfless Blender community for their support to the Blender newbies. looking forward to your valuable comments

The animation is good in the begginig but at the moement of the jump and afterit justs lacks off

great graphics by the way

Though it almost looks like you’re switching between slo-mo and fast forward where he starts to jump

Thank you for the valuable comments. It is a mix of motion capture and key framing animation.
This is my first work in Blender, i was learning the work around, i was not able to get what i want. I am planning to rework on this.
thank you

fixing the slo-mo/fastforward thing should be pretty simple. it’s just a matter of tweaking the keyframes in the NLA editor until it looks right. And to save time on rendering, you should try rendering only the viewport so that you don’t have to wait hours to see if your animation looks good or not.

What program did you use for the motion tracking? It looks rather decent.

Great surrounding and movements - the only thing i would work on (beside the mentioned things :wink: ) is the landing. I would expect that, after falling of this height, one has to crouch a little bit - like a rubber ball is squeezed!

gregzaal : I was mixing both keyframe and mocap together without much knowledge about the system in blender, i lost my control over the rig and animation. I am planning to redo the animation with proper rig setup.
I used Icarus for camera tracking. I got perfect camera export comparing to voodoo as for as this shot concern. Thank you.

: thank you. As i mentioned rig and animation went out of control because i am learning the software in this shot. But i will redo with new rig.

  Thanks for the Blender community.