My First Project in Blender!

I’ve started 3D with Blender about 3 weeks ago and it’s my first 3D screen thanks to Andrew Price’s “Inception Hallway” tutorial. :slight_smile:


Looks good, I didn’t see Andrews tutorial on this, but I personally think, the most important thing to work on are the materials.

Oh and by the way: welcome to Blender!

i like the way that you have done your own thing with this tutorial! Good work and welcome to the forum

Thanks for your comments :slight_smile: I belive that i will improve my skill in Blender with your help.

Very nice… I did this scene a few months back and my result wasn’t half as good. I love the subtle compositing and the slight ‘worn in’ distortion on the carpet (or are my eyes imagining that)… Only thing I’d change would be to add some skirting boards at the base of the walls I think. Looks great though.

good lighting, good materials,good work.

For a first project, that’s great!

Three weeks did you say? I know the tutorial but that’s pretty amazing for three weeks, well done.

the new image very good! where is your others design? :smiley: